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RepSpert assists clients who've suffered or fell victim to unfair, unwarranted or otherwise offensive online content that damages their online reputation, hindering their ability to get ahead in a competitive and ruthless digital economy.

With an unwavering belief in the importance of an unblemished online reputation, RepSpert tailor-make solutions for SMEs to enterprise organisations to repair and protect a fair and deserving online image across major online platforms such as: Google, Glassdoor, Indeed, TrustPilot, Yelp etc. 

With offices in Melbourne and New York, RepSpert has assisted the reputation of over 4000 clients globally.

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Founded from a devastating online attack.

RepSpert was founded in 2020 following a malicious online attack targeting the co-founders business from anonymous trolls across various online review platforms. 

As a small local business the false and defamatory negative content held detrimental impacts to new business. The frustration was on-going, the review platforms did not correspond to the co-founders attempts to report the content, and asides for expensive litigation - few options were available to address the malicious content. 

RepSpert’s co-founders spent time refining their process to offer a solution to businesses and individuals who have experienced similar pain, that is both effective and affordable.

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