We fight for your online reputation.

RepSpert assists clients who've suffered or fell victim to unfair, unwarranted or otherwise offensive online content that damages their online reputation, hindering their ability to get ahead in a competitive and ruthless digital economy.

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Only Pay once your content has been removed.

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Content removed within 1-3 months.

With an unwavering belief in the importance of an unblemished online reputation, RepSpert tailor-make solutions for SMEs to enterprise organisations to repair and protect a fair and deserving online image across major online platforms such as: Google, Glassdoor, Indeed, TrustPilot etc.

With offices in Melbourne and New York, RepSpert has assisted the reputation of over 4000 clients globally.

Founded from a devastating online attack.

RepSpert was founded in 2020 following a malicious online attack targeting the co-founders business from anonymous trolls across various online review platforms.

As a small local business the false and defamatory negative content held detrimental impacts to new business. The frustration was on-going, the review platforms did not correspond to the co-founders attempts to report the content, and asides for expensive litigation - few options were available to address the malicious content.

RepSpert’s co-founders spent time refining their process to offer a solution to businesses and individuals who have experienced similar pain, that is both effective and affordable.


  • Pay upon success - guaranteed results.

  • Complete removal of content, no suppression tactics.

  • Affordable fees that guarantee results, no hidden costs.

  • In-house team, with legal backgrounds and extensive experience.

  • More effective than expensive litigation.

  • 100% satisfaction over 3 years industry experience in 12 countries world-wide.


Other Agencies

  • Change up-front with no guarantee.

  • Outdated suppression methods that don’t remove the content.

  • Expensive retainers, management fees and subscriptions.

  • Outsourced labour with improper training and poor experience.

  • Costly litigation that may not work.

Only pay, once your content is removed

Our No Removal, No Fee Guarantee ensures you're only paying for content that has been successfully & completely removed.

All enquiries are strictly confidential

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have any questions or concerns surrounding our services, feel free to get in touch. All communication is strictly confidential.

Is this censoring or silencing people’s opinion?

We fight for a fair reputation, we believe everyone has the freedom and ‘right’ to a fair reputation and to be able to request and put forth a reasonable argument to remove content that damages their online reputation or brand. We intend to eliminate the barrier and difficulty that is involved in removing content from the internet. In the final instance, we are not removing the content the decision is in the hands of the platform that hosts the content, it is our job to

Is it illegal?

No. All of our dealings and service is completely legal and ethical, based upon violation of the platform's community guidelines, content policies, terms of service or local laws and legislation. We do not hack or bribe to remove content.

Will you contact the publisher or reviewer?

No. We will never contact the individual publisher or reviewer of the content. In most cases, for example on review sites, the platforms will protect the information and anonymity of the publishers or ‘reviewers’. What we do is based upon the respective platform's policies and guidelines, or local laws and legislation, meaning communication and correspondence is strictly with the platform, and never the publisher or ‘reviewer’.

I have tried to remove the content myself previously - does this matter?

If yourself or another party have tried to remove the content of concern in prior instances, this may or may not affect our efforts, depending on the platform or avenues engaged to request the removal of the content. We encourage you, if possible, to contact us prior to attempting to remove content as we understand the best course of action for each scenario.

How long does it take to remove content?

It depends on various factors such as; the correspondence and communication with the platforms internal departments and content moderators, the volume of content and the difficulty and resource required to remove the content. We have a very capable and resourceful team that are able to give dedicated attention to each removal, with most content being removed within 2-6 weeks, however this can range up to 90 days (3 months).

Will the publisher be notified of the content removal or take down?

No, in most cases the publisher of the content or ‘reviewer’ will not be notified of the activity and correspondence with the platform to remove the content. We are very wary of each platform's unique processes and procedures to avoid these situations.

Why can’t I do this myself, what are you doing that is different?

Removing harmful content from the internet from various online publishers is a difficult and resourceful task as there is no one-size-fits-all approach or straight forward option to delete content. Each platform is unique in its own right with regard to their content policies, community guidelines and terms of service. Second to this, oftentimes large online platforms and publishers are very good at deferring liability and protecting the volume of content on the platform, this is how they grow, generate traffic and revenue. Algorithms and contacting the parties who govern and regulate the content on the platform can be very difficult to reach. Our team combines a sound understanding of each individual platform's content policies and guidelines with the ability to contact the respective internal departments to put forward a sophisticated legal argument and application to remove offending content.

Can I choose what content is removed?

Yes. However, given the final decision of what offending content is removed is in the hands of the platform we will encourage you to take an umbrella approach, looking at a wide scope of harmful content that is damaging your online reputation, to give us the best chance of assisting the online reputation across the board, hence we offer generous volume discounts.

How much does it cost to remove content?

We quote on a per content basis as per our ‘no removal, no fee’ policy. This means you will be charged the quoted amount per review or link removed. The cost to remove the offending content will be calculated based on various factors including; the form of offending content, the volume of offending, the platforms in which are host to the offending content and the difficulty and resource required to remove the content. We are able to provide a confidential quote, please contact our friendly team via our contact form or phone for more information.

Will the content be permanently removed? Can the content reappear?

Yes. The offending content will be completely and permanently removed from the platform host to the content. You will only be charged the quoted amount once the content has been completely removed, as per our ‘No removal, no fee’ policy. We constantly monitor the removal status of any takedown. In 99% of cases the content will never reappear - however, in very rare occasions a glitch can cause the content to reappear, in which we will ensure the platform removes the content.

Do I pay if my content is not removed?

As per our ‘ No Removal, No Fee’ policy – you will only be charged once the offending content has been completely and successfully removed.

How are you able to remove content?

Our team, trained with a legal background, have a sound understanding of each platform's community guidelines and content policies. Our team will create a legal argument and application in which will be managed for the removal of offending content / review(s) that violate the respective platforms' community guidelines, terms of service and content policies or relevant laws and legislation. Over the course of 90 days our team will manage this application and liaise with the content moderators or concerned parties who have a duty of care over the content that is hosted on the respective platform, removing the offending content.

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Lise Behal

Lise Behal

Excellent service, very professional and went out of their way to help. Even on the conditions that Google was being unreasonable, they managed to remove unwarranted reviews with a little more time taken than specified.


93% success rate over 2 years

Nathalie Roullee

Nathalie Roullee

The team works smoothly and there is a lot of communicating and updating, which I love when it comes to cooperating with another business. We got the work done within a couple of months, which is exactly what we aimed for. Thank you RepSpert for walking the talk and delivering what you initially promised to.


14 negative reviews removed